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Setting up a Boarding Cattery. Please help!!

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My family are looking to move to France in the near future. I want to put together a potential business plan, running a small/Medium Boarding Cattery. I would love to convert a barn into a the cattery in an area close to the British . However, at this time, all I would like to know is what are the general rules in France running a business like this?. I was planning this year on doing a Diploma in Kennel and Cattery Management as unlike the u.k, apparantley France require a qualification. Could someone advise me on the important matters covering this area of work in and around Poitou charentes, or even Dordoyne. I understand a little about planning permission and requirements there, but, I was more concerned about how the french view a business caring for Animals. Do I need proof of working in this line of business already? Do I need a certain amount of years experience? I would be most grateful for anybodys help and advice.

I read somewhere that 3 years Animal Husbandry is required in Vienne.  Animal Husbandry seems to be a broad field from breeding livestock to walking the neighbours Dog?  I also understand the Town Halls role in this but not a local vetinarys role? Apparantly, I need to work closely with them  which wouldn't be a  problem, I just need something more precise.

I'm very serious about this line of work and would appreciate any help or advice from anyone with knowledge of  working with Animals in France.


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There was a post a while back from someone on the point of doing just what you want to do and it may be helpful.  The reference is www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/567795/ShowPost.aspx.  If that throws up questions you need help with then it may be worth posting in the 'pets' section (just above this forum) to see if you can glean more info.

Good luck!


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Thanks for that link Val, I think Penny must have purchased the same Cattery Managment Book as me, lol.  She was certainly on the right track, I wonder what has stopped her? if she has stopped of course!

I'll put my posting under "Pets" as well. Maybe she'll reply?



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Cats in France dont have any where near the same respect as dogs - certainly in the country areas.  Cats come and go as they please, the owners never have them injected for the various viruses etc.  Its a very british thing - I think - to become atached to a cat.  You will need to site yourself near a large town to get any sort of business. Dogs on the other hand, well, the  French love their dogs and it has crossed my mind several times if a kennels business would be viable.

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