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Why did this cat die?

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[quote user="Catalpa"]Ker-ching! [I]

Can you get your husband to have these discussions with your neighbour. It has just occurred to me that you are just a woman so your neighbour may be conveniently ignoring what you say because you are... just a woman. More seriously, in France (allegedly!) some men take seriously what men say... perhaps your OH may have more success with getting your neighbour to read the factsheet.


I learned this lesson very early on.  If at all possible, I get my partner to deal with men.  I tried to hire a chainsaw once but was refused because I'm a woman.  When I went back with a male friend, they agreed.  I used it and they were none the wiser, but it just goes to show. 

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Just read your posting Nico after a long spell away and I would like to thank you so much for your offer of help. We are going to have all the cats spayed in October (when we are going to be there for a month and the kittens will be 6 months old) and some of them we hope that the rescue centre will take in. The charity "Wetnose" has promised some help but we will still need some help and we are so grateful for your offer as the young English couple who have taken in some of the kittens and two of the mothers are not very well off.

Thanks again, I will stay in contact via the Forum.

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Regards my husband having a word with the neighbour: He was present at our "discussion", but felt I was too forceful and may have offended the neighbour, but he is coming round to my way of thinking and will (I hope) help me when it comes down to having them all done. I think he realises that it is the only way to solve the problem.  

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