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Léa and Joy

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Hi Everyone

Well, it seems that all has gone quiet with Léa and Joy so i've decided to put both onto the same page to try and kickstart the search for their foerever homes again.

So, Lea! microchip number: 941000002003511

A lovely girl with a lot of love to give. She's about 2 years old and looking for a forever home where she can get lots of hugs and some patience with her training. She is house-trained but as of yet she hasn't had to be left alone so work is needed there. Also, she doesn't understand recall and because she was originally used for hunting she has the natural instinct to chase things. Therefore a large, secure garden is needed so that she can run free without worry.

She is fine with other dogs and cats and could do with having some other canine company to help with her confidence and general training although this isn't necessary.

Can you help this scrumptious girl? Look at those photo's. Surely you can see the love!

Now for Joy.

Dearest one and all. Please can you help me find a home for Joy (named Joy in the hope that one day he will find some!). Thinking about Joy breaks my heart because he's really had such a sad life. At 6 years old he was rescued from the evil hands of spanish gypsies. He had been beaten and starved and had suffered terrible abuse. Joy had been used for ratting and to make him look like a pig he had had his nose mutilated. Although he his much happier now that he is in foster care he so desperately deserves a forever home. However, Joy doesn't come unscarred - physically or mentally. Domination has played such a large part in his life that he can't live with other 'dominant' animals especially dogs. He's currently living with 5 other dogs with no problems but all of those dogs are of a submissive nature yet when he met Hugo (my dog) it was instant trouble as Hugo thinks he's top dog.

So, what does Joy need? Love, lots of attention, cuddles, walks and an enclosed garden to relax in. Do you have it in your heart to give this lovely boy a go?

(MICROCHIP NUMBER - 941000002517124)

Come on people. Help me out here. There's got to be people out there wanting to give these dogs a fresh start in life [kiss]


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Ok guys, I don't want to beg but please someone help. I had Joy here today as he is being moved to another foster home with people he doesn't know. They're good people but it upsets me to know that this could be the rest of his life being moved from one foster family to the next.

Joy just got up on a chair and slept. He didn't bother anyone, he didn't ask for anything, he was just there. We all had a bit of a cuddle with him before he went off to Barbezieux to his new temporary home. The only thing I feel pleased about is that he's close by so I can go and see him but I know he needs stability in his life along with some love.

Also, I met Léa today and what a bundle of joy she is. She's quite a big girl though - possibly podenco crossed with labrador - but loving, oh my! She tried to get on my lap a couple of times and she just sat at my husbands feet looking at him with sheer adoration. She's a cracker. Whoever takes her will be able to train her relatively well as she is quite responsive.

Anyway, i'm off to see Roqui tomorrow to see how he's getting on which I know is fine. Anna and Ali are doing a wonderful job with him.

Hope to hear from someone soon about Léa but especially Joy

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I'm afraid not. And to top it all Joy is currently quite ill from having got tick fever [:(] It's fortunate that he was in a foster home where the people knew the signs instantly and got him to the emergency vets on sunday. He seems to be improving but he's still very unwell. He's off to the vet's again today so i'll let you know how he's doing once I know myself. I can't believe that this poor boy is so unlucky. I wish he could have a bit of luck in his life and find a forever home.

Léa's well but still needing a home. On the positive side though, at least they're in safe places. I'm off to Toulouse on thursday to get some blankets etc to some rescue centres in Spain so if anyone can get stuff to me before then to help that would be great. Food is great as well as warm things.

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Hi Everyone

I'm just giving these lovelies a bump up. Also, I wanted to let you all know that Joy is having to go to a new foster home again. However, the good news is that he's coming to us. [:D] I couldn't bear to see him moved to yet another strange home temporarily so i'm having him here so I can play a more active role in re-homing him. So, if anyone wants to meet Joy before committing to adopting him my door will be open in about 2 weeks time when he arrives. [blink]

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I haven't forgotten them - just wish I could help in finding them a lovely caring home, but thankyou for taking Joy in so he doesn't have to go into kennels Magnolia.

Surely someone out there would like a loving companion?   Can someone find it in their heart to offer a home to these two deserving doggies?? Please?  [kiss]


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