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La Poste Re-Direct Service

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I can`t find anywhere suitable to post this query...maybe Admin can place it in the proper section.

Basically I have moved permanently from France to the UK. Prior to moving I set up a 6 month re-direct service with La Poste to redirect mail to the UK.

My question is...can just prior to the end of the 6 month period, extend the re-direct to 12months ?

I set up the initial redirect for 6 months but find that due to delays in settling old accounts, need to extend to the maximum time of 12 months?

Can this be done online?

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So why don't you just take out a new redirection contract to start the day after the old one expires? I know from experience that with a little notice you can choose the exact date for the redirection to start.  Likely it would have been cheaper to have opted for 12 months in the first place, but it might be simpler just to do the above rather than overcomplicate things administratively. 
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Well before our recent redirection contract for 6 months expired we were repeatedly sent emails and letters suggesting we extend the period.

They even continued after the expiry of the contract.

Edit: The contract was for redirection within France, but I don't think their approach would be different in your case.



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