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Just goes to show!

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There are so many beautiful stories about the thirty-five (and many more since) dogs rescued from the Angoulême refuge at Mornac when the kennels in their part of the refuge were to be demolished at the beginning of March.  Most of these dogs were elderly and had been in their tiny kennels for years without ever coming out.

Several girls volunteered to start taking the dogs out for walks and getting them used to human contact again.  But eight year old Cyrano was so frightened they couldn't even coax him out of his kennel and it was almost decided to take him off the list of dogs to be rescued,


until Cédric and Vanessa heard about him

They wanted to save poor Cyrano and even took a week's holiday just to be with him after they collected him at Mornac.  He was very wary and unsure of himself at first

But after less than three months of loving care, look at the result!

Cyrano and his young mistress won the dog walk.  It just goes to show what can be done with a scared old rescue dog.  Never give in and you will get there in the end.   [:)]


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