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Home wanted for 8yr old Lab ***


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Can anyone help, I have just got this email from a friend in Echebrune, near Pons, Charente Maritime
I am looking for help.....there is a lovely labrador girl ( 8 years old).......the poor dog was
left alone in his house ( in Echebrune )....after the removal of owners....

Can somebody give this poor little dog a new home.

If you can help, then please e-mail or pm me and I will forward it on.

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Oh it really does break my heart ....................................................

She looks just like my Shadow ... [IMG]http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r20/regine79/BeauShadow2.jpg[/IMG]

Please someone, help her, offer her the life she deserves, those dogs are so full of love for their owners..

How could people do that to her ? [:@][:@] [6]

Please, please, keep us informed...



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Can you tell us more about her JJ.  Is she alone at the house, left outside or what?  Is someone going to feed her?  Do you know if she is tattooed or chipped?  Did she belong to French or English people (if they were English there is maybe a chance that she is spayed).  Do you know her name?  Anything you know about her helps when spreading the word.  People always ask if they are all right with children, cats, etc.

I would love to be able to take her, she looks such a nice, gentle girl, but can't at the moment.  I can only try to help.


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