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Terry type Schnauzer

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We have a great dog here who was found and unclaimed.  Terry looks just like a Giant Schnauzer to me





He has a lovely character, friendly, loves a walk and a game and to lie down with his ragger.  Terry would make a good family dog.  He is neutered, tattooed and fully vaccinated with European passport (not for the UK) and the vet has put his date of birth as April 2007.


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He is a lovely lad Framboise.  He's quiet, friendly and loves playing with the other dogs.



                                          One handsome hunk, sitting waiting.   [:)]


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O M G!  I thought you'd stolen my dog!



This is Lucy - rescued from the local SPA and classed as a 'Labrit /Griffon' cross by our vet. What an amazing likeness!


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Terry, now Henry, left for his new home last week where he seems to be settling in well and having fun.  I couldn't have hoped for a better life for him with such really wonderful people who have already had two lovely dogs through me.  I am really grateful to them, but I expect they will be along soon to give an update themselves.   [:)]


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