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New Dog Rescue Website- Carcassonne

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Hi All With the help and patience of two lovely friends, I have been busy setting up a new English language website for the Carcassonne SPA. I would be very grateful if you could tell anyone and everyone you know about this website, especially those in the Carcassonne area. Also if any of you are members of other forums or groups, it would be great if they could publish the details too. www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk Many many thanks. Rowan
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Hi Russett house

I agree ref the categories, and the site is far from perfect...Really there are 4 sizes of dog, as some are VERY big (or maybe some are VERY small) ..I just thought I would make it as easy as possible for people to look for a dog...Some griffons are bigger than others, I know. Equally, if you open the page for large dogs and the first one is a great Dane, maybe you won't go any further...I don't know...All the dogs are on 3 different pages, they are male or female AND s, m or l AND old or young...I am just hoping they will attract people's eye. It is still a work in progress, really. But I was impatient to get on line and get some dogs homed!
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Hi Rowan,
How about a reciprocol link from our website to yours and vice versa? That way, if people are dissuaded from adopting a dog because they feel they would not be able to get away etc, if they are aware of our services it might encourage them - and of course we are happy to put a link on to our website in any event.
Della will also add a post to our Pet Sitter's Blog which will also include the link to your website.
Tracy & Della


  Link deleted by Mod: Tracey & Della - This is a no advertising site (we make an exception for animal charities in this section). If you wish to link to your site it must be as as part of your signature  (added in your profile) one link, no other text.

I'm sure there is lots of scope for reciprocal links so good luck with that ....

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