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Female Border Collie found Charente with British microchip

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[quote user="andyh4"]

Are there any details about the owner's name available?


That's what I'm trying to find out, but she will now have to go through the pound procedure (as written under the ad) and after ten days if they have room be handed over to the local SPA for adoption.  I'll follow her up.

I put her on here in the hope of perhaps being able to trace the owners.


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Just received her microchip number.  They say she is very old.

It doesn't come out on Google, so noone has put it in a lost ad.

Europetnet don't have it either, but are going to make enquiries:

"The microchip number you are looking for has not been found.
Check microchip ID number length (must be 15 for ISO transponders, 10 or 12 for old types).
If length is correct, please let us know which country you are from and your email address.
We will forward your request to microchip manufacturer & EPN members.
We will let you know the inquiry results as soon as possible."

"If you do not receive an answer in the following 10 days this would mean that we overcame the investigation capacity of our organisation.
Our investigation capacity is limited because all European databanks are not yet members of our organisation and because all microchips distributors do not yet inform us completely about the selling places of their product.
We are working on obtaining their collaboration."

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Is there not some way of finding out WHERE the vet was based when the chip was inserted in the UK? Remember there was a dog with a British chip some months ago who was found wandering (Bordeaux area?) and everyone searched for the owners? Typical.. I can't remember the final outcome! But in that aforementioned example the vet was able to give a name and address...albeit the people had moved but there are enough of us here in the UK to do their 'Miss Marples' or 'Kojak' bit and attempt to hunt down the original owners..presuming they want their dear old dog back! Lets hope they are searching for their pet...but unsure how to do it! Lets help find THEM!!!
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I'm all choked up, I've just spoken to Zoe's owner, that's her name!

Originally the ad was sent to me by a member of Rescue, knowing that I deal with the English.  I immediately put it on here and on AngloInfo in the hope of finding the owner.

Her time was up at the fourrière yesterday, but my friend Nadine Boissout, Présidente of the SPA Mornac, got her out at my request and she has since been taken care of at their infirmary.

Her owners have been looking for her everywhere for two weeks.  At their local mairie, the village where she was found, they didn't even tell them to contact the fourrière.  By chance Maria went on to AngloInfo today and saw her dog!  She is going to collect her tomorrow morning.

Zoe is sixteen years old and very much loved.  They are now going to see that her chip is registered here.


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