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Meeting place in Agen

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Sorry for this rather off-track post, but it is dog-rescue related....honest!

I am meeting someone to hand over a dog from the SPA on Friday and Agen appears to be the halfway-ish point. I will be coming from direction Toulouse and the new owners from direction Bordeaux.

Does anyone know the Agen area well enough to suggest a meeting point? Ideally not a motorway services, cos they are loud and scary. I was thinking more of a trading zone, the sort of place where we may find a Decathlon or a Gamm Vert etc, where it wouldn't be too horrid for the dog to stretch her legs and for me to wait with her till her new owners arrive. And close to the Autoroute, too!

Many thanks!

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I would suggest the carp park at Castorama, there is only one Castorama in Agen and it would mean you could say perhaps simply meet in the main Foyer where they have fireplaces on show, if it rains you are under cover, also means you can be outside under the veranda should the dog want to be with you.. and not only but also there is a great place to eat at Carrefour restaurant which is next door!! Good luck.
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