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Urgent. English Setter SPA Carcassonne---Another One!

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Hello everyone It seems that English setters are a bit like buses... As many of you know, Alex dit Athos is now in the gentle hands of Merlin. Yippee. However last week another English setter was brought in to the SPA. His owner has been hospitallised and at 10 and a half years old, Rhum is now homeless. Rhum has all his jabs, is already tatooed and appears to be in good health, tho at his age he is no spring chicken. He is already suffering greatly at the refuge. It took a volunteer 15 minutes to coax him out of his kennel on Tuesday and yesterday he did not want to know at all. He is sinking into depression, as do many dogs of good breeding who find themselves homeless after so long with a family. Rhum needs only gentle exercise. He sits quite happily by my side without a lead on, but loves to be stroked. Fine with other dogs of both sexes and cats, Rhum still enjoys his food (at least he wolfed down the cheese I fed him). With the refuge gradually filling up again, soon there will be no space for this lovely boy and it would be wonderful if someone were able to offer him a warm place to spend what time he has left. Please, if you can help, contact me via my site www.dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk Many thanks. I hope the pictures come out okay. It is a bit hit and miss for me! Rowan




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If the links are not underlined they will not show up, also please edit the post so  that the img links are under each other in list format.

Have you tried Firefox as a browser?

All I did was line up the links and touch the ball & chain icon and hey presto.

Good luck homing the dog :-)

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Hi Rowan

What a darling.....although all English Setters look like that, I suppose.  I'm sure you will remember that "Rugbygrampa" from Wales was looking to replace his much loved Setter on this site.  I know that he was going to get in touch with you when he was interested in giving a home to Alex.  If he hasn't found a dog yet, from his mail to me he sounded like the perfect dog owner !   Good luck, best wishes.

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