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HELP !!!!

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A very brave person [6] has left a kitten , in a box, in my garden .. AGed about 10 days... absolutely adorable.

Tonight I'm feeding him with special milk and a cat bottle someone from my village gave me, but what can I do tomorrow ?? I need to go to work.

Would the vet have him?


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I wonder what the vet will say..Maybe the spa has some " feeding persons" ( nourrisseurs/nourisseuses in French)..

I can't keep him, as I'm away from home for instance tomorrow til 6 pm, etc, and I have a big dog who's not very keen on cats. ( except ours , who was here before him..)

Could any of you have him; feed him? I'll manage to help have him adopted by a family afterwards of course !!)

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Actually my very nice next door neighbour has taken him for the night , as my dogs kept barking , hearing the cat scream..

But she's also a teacher, and she has to go to work as well tmrw.. I'm going to get him back at 7.30......

What do you think the vet will say ?  Put him to sleep ???????

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Well, mon bon coeur me perdra as my mum would say, as I 'm currently feeding the kitten from a cat bottle, I am VERY tired, as I am back to work.

Some days have been epic.. Took the kitten to work , left him in the car in his box ... ( It was a grey day, not hot, and windows slightly open), in order to be able to feed him at break time...


It's difficult not to get attached to him, as he's a sweetheart, purring so loud for his size.. and those big blue eyes...

But I have to find a good family for him..

Anyone interested ? ( when he is more than 2 months old ? ( he'll be 3 weeks on tuesday..)


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Merci Christine .. [:)]

Time for bed now, after the last biberon...

I watched TV tonight, with " him" purring in my neck . He loves my hair... it keeps him warm .

I ve had him for a week, it has been very tiring, but at the same time, it is fulfilling.

If only I could have found him when I was on hols, it would have been much easier.

For the moment I call him " tsé Toung" ( Miou Tsé Toung [:D] )

[:D] Off to bed, with Tsé Toung next to the bed, in his box full of warm clothes, and a hot bottle.. [:)]

I'll give you news. [kiss]


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He is a real cutie (he looks a lot like our Felix) and you are a complete star for taking such good care of him.  I know nothing of hand-rearing kittens, but won't he be big enough soon to start lapping soon?  If I wasn't on the other side of the country, I would happily volunteer for the day shift (I'm at home in the day) - is there a neighbour who might be able to take over once in a while to give you a break - a sort of kitten Mamie?

Bon courage ma soeur - hope you can feel the goodwill emanating from the Vosges!

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[quote user="Frenchie"]I gathered information from the internet ,and I'm trying to do the best I can for him. [/quote]

Although as Christine says it is not easy to bottle-feed a little one I think success or failure depends on the kitten. A long, long time ago I was presented with a very young kitten whose mum had been run over, I managed to feed him every two hours using a 'dropper' filled with warm cow's milk and he thrived but I feel that we were lucky. He lived with us until he was almost 19!

Considering that you have to go to work and I didn't work I think you are doing brilliantly; it is not easy but keep up the good work.


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Lots of us are watching this thread anxiously, but are too far away to be of any help.  I feel for you as any loss of sleep has me working at only about 10% efficiency.  Hopefully each day will get a little easier?  Hope you can find someone to take over the odd feed and give you a break.

Good luck!

Chrissie (81)

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Thanks so much for your warm messages of support.

I really do appreciate!

Yes, I'm very tired, but I'm trying to cope, and my " baby" is doing well. He has changed so much already..

What he loves more than anything is being on my shoulder, in my hair ( I have long hair) , he can purr for hours !

But it is not easy to do the housechores with a kitten on your shoulder !! [:)]

No one can help me around here, except my lovely son, when he is home . ( He's 17 and going to high school. )

When I came back from work at 6.15 pm last night, I was thinking I'd find a hungry kitten, but .. he was on my son's shoulder, purring.. his little tummy full of warm milk ! [:)]

But my son's away all day so he can't help much, and I want him to sleep well at night, as he is in 1ere, and needs to be fully awake to study !

The kitten is a real cutie, I will post pictures this PM .

I also have a few questions about how to deal with his evolution, maybe some of you will be able to answer .

Talk to you this PM .

You are wonderful preople, and your support, even if virtual, means a lot !

Régine, surrogate mother [:D]

PS : I currently have two dogs and two cats.

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News, to let you know the kitten is doing really well, he is now playful,  eats tiny biscuits, and still milk from the bottle..

He is cute and sweet, just adorable !!

I 'll try and add some new pics later on, but photobucket doesn't seem to work this afternoon.. [:(]

I'm glad I could help him survive !


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Well done, Frenchie - I'm sure he'll reward you suitably.  Our little stray (a skeleton on legs who appeared at our windown one morning when Mr C opened the shutters) who adopted us about 18 months ago will hardly let Mr C out of her sight and squeeks at him whenever she sees him.  She is now big and strong and looking a bit of a tub these days so it can really be worth it.

My, he's a cutie too.  Aw....

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