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Totoche, Fifi and Nono

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Very sadly, a young lady has had to confide her lovely cats to Chats du Quercy. She has MS and can no longer live alone.

Totoche is a big cat, not unlike a main coon.

Fifi, his sister is full of life and very loving.

Nono, a little older is perturbed at having no home or family, she is gorgeous and just wants cuddles, a very affectionate cat.

All are negative FIV/FeLV, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

Totoche mâle à poil long, tigré et blanc né 02/06/2009 numéro d'identification 250268730013601

Nono femelle tricolore née 15/08/2003 numéro d'identification 250268730013624

Fifi femelle tricolore née 02/06/2009 numéro d'identification 250268720118170

All used to living with a dog

Contact Chats du Quercy on 05 63 94 73 97 for more info www.chatsduquercy.com
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A sad situation for this young woman: loss of pets, loss of independence and a serious loss of health.  Doesn't get much worse, does it?

It puts all the 'how long are people going to have to wait at Heathrow next week' in to context, doesn't it?

All the best in finding homes for the cats and (with respect, more importantly), an improved outcome for the lady. 

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