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Bella - 5 Year Old Golden Retriever Cross ADOPTED!

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Bella - 5 Year Old Golden Retriever Cross Girl seeks lady owner!

Hello, my name is Bella and as you can see from my picture I am a healthy 5 year old golden retriever cross and I am in lovely foster home at Phoenix.

I have been looking for a home for a while now as I have one major problem, I am still very scared of men. I have tried, but I just can't seem to get over it so it has put couples off that have come to see me.

It has been difficult for me to adjust to normality but I do so love living again and having fun. Phoenix has decided I should live with a lady only, hence my appeal to you.

So if you are on your own then maybe I could live with you? I have fears when you first meet me but with a little time and patience I promise you I will be a good girl and love and care for you just like I do with my foster family.

In saying that, if you are a couple and have the patience of a saint then you could still come and meet me. People tell me time is a great healer, I hope so because I really would love a family I could call my own.

I just want someone who will love me for who I am. I have not had an easy time in my life... in fact I had never been happy until now.

I like to play with toys, especially balls and teddies, either on my own or with you. I also like to go for walks or a ride in the car but I don't mind just sitting and watching telly.

I like to play with other dogs and I have lived with lots of other animals. I like cats as well as dogs and in fact you can introduce me slowly to all animals, as I am a very gentle girl (I really do understand the meaning of No, as I have heard it all my life!)

For more information on me, please contact my foster mum Yvonne on:

[email protected] (we live in Département 87) or call 06 02 38 20 70

Phoenix has a new website - perhaps you'd like to see more photos of me on it at www.phoenixasso.com

Love, Bella. xx
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Looking at the Phoenix Asso site : http://phoenixasso.com/?page_id=283  Bella does not seem to to be there, so it is possible that she is no longer available.

But lots of others are; below is a quick look at some of them.

There is Joyce, who is 10:


and Bertie, who is 4:


and Nina who is 1:


and Portia :


as well as others who need a loving home.


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