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SPA Bordeaux

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I agree Jouals; I was quite surprised at their stipulation as I've been looked at many SPA sites. Cahors and Brodeaux are probably a similar distance (we live between Limoges and Brive).

However, today we went and adopted a puppy from Clermont Ferrand - dad is beautiful deep golden Labrador and mum is ?Brittany Spaniel, plus 6 puppies, were abandoned in a disused house to fend for themselves. Apparently the puppies did not have have a lot longer to survive without food.

May I present Cracker:

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Ah what a sweaty!!

I'm not sure if this will be of any use to members in the future there is facebook group that is trying to coordinate a network to make out of area adoptions easier.

They will happily talk to the refuges concerned to see if an adoption is possible, whether a centre like Bordeaux is prepared to be flexible with their policies who knows!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/pawsfrance/ Diane Brown will speak to a SPA on your behalf

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A very good idea Pitway.

Cracker is being such a good boy. He settled well last night in his bed (after about 10 mins when I sat in the dark with him) cuddled up to a well wrapped up hot water bottle, as a substitute for mum and siblings, and we heard no more until 8.00 am today! One heap and a puddle on the spread out newspaper, then lots of help as I tried to clear it up!
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Bravo Roby Roy!  What a lucky pup.   Good luck with him, I am sure he will settle in fine. 

By the way, the Refuge in Cahors can often organise help with transport arrangements to home dogs with new families who are further away.

Happy New Year!


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