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Milton - 6 year old Collie Cross needs a home

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MILTON – 6 year-old Border Collie Cross

Milton was rescued from what can only be described as living hell by a brave Phoenix volunteer, Jenny. 

How anyone could neglect this sweet boy is beyond us, but now we’re focussing on helping Jenny find him a forever home that he so deserves. He’s a loving and loveable boy who is just happy now to be alive. 

Milton has cataracts in both eyes although it doesn’t seem to bother him too much! He runs freely off-lead and only occasionally bumps into a plant pot in the garden! He goes very much by his nose which of course is the primary sense for dogs. 

Milton is fine with children. He hasn’t been tested with really young kids, but there is no reason to believe he wouldn’t be ok with them. He seems fine with Jenny’s cat and is curious to say hello. However, the cat wants nothing to do with him, and hisses if he gets too close! He lives with another dog, and they get on well, but has taken a dislike to a neighbour’s dog, so the jury is still out on that one.

He adores his walks and exercise, still pulls a little on the lead, but has greatly improved. He has good recall off-lead. He’s obedient and sits before crossing the road. Milton absolutely loves his food, and he loves to please, so reward-based training would work for him. 

He never used to want to come in the house, but is happy to now, albeit gingerly, but he feels more at home in the garage to sleep as he still doesn’t like being shut in the house.

Milton is microchipped (250269801981239), vaccinated and neutered. If you would like to give this adorable dog his second chance in life, please contact Jenny on [email protected] or telephone 05 55 73 61 19 or 06 73 79 82 67. Milton is in Troche, Dep't 19
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