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Reminder - YOUR Great Phoenix Coffee Morning

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Only 10 days to go until YOUR Great Phoenix Coffee Morning.

So far, 10 people have registered and will be holding coffee mornings on or around 13th August. 

It's simple. If you stop for coffee, why not invite some friends. By each person donating 5 euros to enjoy your coffee, cake and good company, you raise money for animals in need. 

Whether you invite 3 people or 30 people, it will all add up and make a real difference to animals such as Hermione, the homeless, starving and pregnant dog we rescued a few weeks ago who had all nine puppies in Phoenix care! We really need funds to be able to help animals such as these.

Please see our special page on the website http://phoenixasso.com/?p=6594 for more details as well as downloadable invitations and suggested recipes.

Don't forget to email Jane on publicrelations.[email protected] to register YOUR Great Phoenix Coffee Morning.

Thank you to everyone who is taking part and to Deborah Smith who has already held hers with much success!

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