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Phoenix is Seeking Foster Homes for Cats and Kittens

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Phoenix is seeking foster homes for cats and kittens.

Here at Phoenix our foster homes are full but there is a seemingly endless demand for us to take in cats and kittens.

Therefore, we are seeking people who are interested in fostering, even if it’s for just one cat.

Cost and resource restrictions mean you must be within 1.5 hours drive from Issac, 24400.

If you are interested, please read on…… we thought it might help if we answered some common concerns about fostering for Phoenix:

1. I can't afford to foster. Will I need to cover all the vets' bills, flea treatment, food, transport, etc?

No Foster Carer is ever expected to be out-of-pocket. Phoenix covers ALL fostering expenses, from food, to transport to flea treatments. You do have to be located within a reasonable distance from of the "Phoenix" vets with whom we have reduced rates, but they are widespread. You do not have to pay the vets' bills. You simply take the animal to be treated and then you leave. Phoenix covers the bill directly with the vet. 

2. I don't know how my own animal will respond to a new animal in the house.

Before you foster for Phoenix, you are required to complete a detailed application form, in which you list all family members and the ages and sex of your own animals, and whether they are neutered or not. You are asked to offer any additional information that you think is relevant. You can specify what age animals you would like to foster and you can decline to foster animals with, for example, medical conditions etc. You will only be asked to foster animals that suit you and your home. Should a fostering not work out, it is Phoenix's responsibility, not yours, to remove the animal from your care and find an alternative solution. 

3. Does it mean I can't go on holiday? Would I need to take the animal to a boarding house?

Phoenix expects that its Foster Carers take holidays. Advance notice is preferred so that alternative foster care may be arranged. It is Phoenix's responsibility, not yours, to provide holiday cover / accommodation for your foster animals. 

4. What if the animal doesn't get re-homed? Will I have to keep it indefinitely? 

Nearly all Phoenix animals get re-homed eventually. Adoptions can take anything from a matter of days to a few months. You will be fully supported during this process.

5. Will I expected to do the advertising for my foster animal?

No, Phoenix has a PR team whose role is to advertise the animals for re-homing. You will be expected to take photographs of your foster animal and to provide information in order that the Phoenix PR team can produce the advert text. 

6. What happens if there is a problem with the animal, and I find that I can't cope?

Phoenix Foster Carers are fully supported by the Foster Carer Coordinator. Phoenix is a close-knit team of volunteers and we support each other. There is always someone you can talk to and if the situation is such that you cannot cope, a solution will be offered. 

7. I don't speak French

Although it helps to speak French, it's not vital. There are plenty of French speakers at Phoenix who can assist you with all communications with vets and adopters. 

8. I worry that I will become attached and not want to let the animal go.

This is a common concern, and saying goodbye to your animal is hard. However, we believe that our pain at saying goodbye is a sacrifice worth making in order to save the animal's life. It does get easier, the more practised you become. Please ask if you'd like to speak to an existing Foster Carer about this concern.

Please get in touch if you are interested. Email Lynda at [email protected] or call her on 05 53 81 30 44.

Thank you,

The Phoenix Team

Website: www.phoenixasso.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
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