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Pot Belly Pig-Free (went this morning 29.10.17 to a good home)

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We have captured an abandoned Pot Belly Pig that was left to wander by its previous owners. We caught it due to the fact that it kept returning to a friends land and worrying her horses (apart from one that seemed to enjoy the company!)

We can't keep her as our horses are upset by it too.

Z'Animo Land, Le Chaudron Magique and Le Ferme des rescapés are not interested. Our vet is trying to find a home. It appears to have a hole in one ear, so we think that she might have been tagged at some point.

She is fairly large and seems to enjoy a stroke when she is in the mood.

We have her in a horse trailer at the moment. We live in Monflanquin.

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Do like ALBFs comment but really pot bellies anglais tend to go to Benidorm.

Perhaps you could approach (with caution) one of those nice gentlemen in orange jackets carrying those strange sticks around your way at this time of year.

The Marie will, I'm sure, also know a local who might be able to "help out" with the food at the local dance.

For goodness sake, it is France.
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