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Unspeakable hunters!

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The irony of it is that if caught, they will be ( maybe!) prosecuted for hunting out of season.

I have very strong views regarding the hunting of any wildlife but fully understand that animals and human beings cannot, unfortunately, live in perfect harmony together. It is the method in which animals, be they sanglier, deer, foxes whatever, are hunted that is the problem. Killing for food and controlling population is one thing but the amount of suffering and cruelty involved by amateur 'hunters' is something else.

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"Les gendarmes d'Orange ont ouvert une enquête pour délit de chasse sur

un terrain privé à proximité d'habitations alors que la chasse est


I doubt they'll spend much time on that case.  We'd frequently have hunters on the farm land immediately surrounding our house in Bédoin (Vaucluse).  Gun in one hand, jug a wine thrown over back in a rucksac.  One was shooting directly over our property.  Kids were outside !  I called the gendarmes.  Their reply was what do you expect us to do about it.  They refused to come out.

Farmer neighbor went out with his own gun to 'ask' him to leave.  Farmer actually had to do this frequently.

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 Hunters, the only good thing that happened in my old area was that there were cases where they would end up shooting one another. Seemed only fair really.

Lori, since when did the gendarmes ever want to leave their casernes and do their jobs, apart from controlling 'papiers'?

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I’m no horse expert nor (even) a vet, but you’d guess that the horse being able to stand would suggest that it’ll be OK.

The question is, was it a deliberate act or an accident ?

Neither are acceptable, but the latter something ‘explainable’.  Hope that the horse comes out OK.

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