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what do i need ???


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Hi all our move is planned for spring next year, can anyone that has already done the move advise me what i need to obtain for 1 elderly dog..if he is still with us and 3 elderly cats if they are still with us... to export, they wont return to UK at any time,they are all I/D chipped vaccinations up to date. Non have rabies jab. Do i need to apply for a export cert or do they need pet passports too.

From what i have read they need rabies jab..and export cert...but not entirely sure.

many thanks vik and pete
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We brought our 3 dogs over in 2002 and we only needed identichip and export cert. You should contact your local DEFRA and they will advise you as to the uptodate requirements but I would think that for a permanent move they would not have changed. They will send you the forms to fill in which you cannot do totally until you have a permanent date, ferry date and address in France. Our dogs have not had rabies jabs, it depends which area of France you are going to live. The requirement for rabies jabs is for the departments in the north east.

Hope this helps.
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LAST EDITED ON 25-Jul-04 AT 12:50 PM (BST)

new regs are coming / have come in to force requiring vaccination against rabies for import into France
defra have a web site
although it says it is not fully up to date with the changes; they are the best people to ask for advice
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