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what is a lurcher cald in france


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Nous avons un lurcher magnifique. Thats how a Frenchman described our dog. Most people ask what he is and accept our explanation of his origins (Greyhound/Border Collie/Deerhound). He looks like a cartoon character.

I have read recently that the Kennel Club has now issued a strict definition of the breed.

Lurcher does not appear in the dog breed poster at our French vets. Many of the dog breeds were listed exactly as in the English form. I expect "lurcher" is the same. An automatic translator did not provide another word.

                                  Lurcher owner.   Alistair

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Lurchers are not a breed, they are a type.  Don't know why the kennel club would get involved with 'mongrels'.  The general accepted description is a sighthound x non sighthound.  Two sighthounds crossed are 'longdogs'.

The French don't have lurchers per se, my vet in the Gers had never seen one before. 

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