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one for chris ,

as described by my good wife, i believe i have an aesculapian snake in my bathroom, behined a false wall which was half exposed due to a water pipe repair, it scuttled behined there when she startled it by screaming and dropping the washing ( how dare she eh ! ) i have searched everywhere else and cannot find it . only way in was through a window and have been on watch ever since with door closed as i have three children and want to make sure i remove it.just a young one by the size description, about 10 / 12 inches long, i know that they are not poisonous, how long do you think it could " hole up " there before needing to feed ? i believe it will only come out then as there is noise about pretty much all the time other than dead of nite.obviously i cannot completely be sure it is still there as i did not see it myself

any suggestions for me ?


thanks monty

by the way i am in charente maritime

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What's the wall behind the partitioning, stone? A snake that size would find its way through a gap of less than 1 cm,  aesculapian snakes and western whip snakes can climb vertically with very little to grip on so I would have thought that it is long gone, although behind a wall there would probably be enough to eat.

If it was me I'd be rather happy, in house pest control.[:)]


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hi chris,

yes stone wall behined, as i said no way out other than the door or the window which i believe was the route in, i have four cats around the house on guard at all times and doubt it would have got in the front way, i do not use the rear of the building yet which backs onto fields. i am with you with regards to the help with house pests but my wife will leave me if i do not make an effort to get rid of it !!, joking aside i know they can get rather large and have small children, i understand they can climb thanks to your site,and cannot remember there being any holes in the ceiling between the false wall and stone wall.should i just leave the window open and leave nature to take its course ? i take it will head that way if not getting food required.

update; probably gone as you suggested, no sign in 48hrs, thanks in anyway.

thanks chris



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