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weimarners in france

lillys owner

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Im trying to find out any information about owning weimarners in France and also about finding registered stud dogs.

We moved to the Limousin (87) area last November and will be trying to find a stud for our bitch in the Spring. I haven't seen many other weimarners and our younger bitch is a long haired so quite rare.


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 search as usual on google, if you do not already know the breed here is known as "braque de weimar a poil long ", they are here but as you say, they are rare.

also try www.toutou.fr , its a site with all animals for sale and also requests for breeding pairs, and you can search on specific breeds,they have a catagory for the long coat, i have seen one or two short coated but not the long hair version as yet.

the google search may bring up a rescue and/or a breed club.


good luck



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You could do a number of things:

Contact the breed association (President: Monsieur Michel AUPEE, 18 rue l'eglise, 14480 Le Fresne Camilly, 02 31 08 10 63 or Secretary and Information Officer: Monsieur Jean-Claude SAGOT, 28 route nationale, 80120 Nampont St Martin, tel 03 22 29 46 81 or 03 22 29 86 93

Check on their web site: http://www.braque-de-weimar.com/

Look for a breeder and contact them to discuss possibilities. There are certainly breeders in your area (e.g. in Isle (871170)), also in neighbouring departments (e.g. Les Trois Moutiers and Chouppes in Vienne, Lanouaille in Dordogne, etc.). Not an uncommon breed so you should have a fair choice.

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