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what to do with a naughty dog?


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I have two dogs , one old and frail and very well behaved and  one young and very naughty, we have always trained them by tone of voice. If I go arhhhhhh in a angry tone they know they have been naughty and if i go weeeeeeeein a happy tone they know im happy with them , now my problem is my young dog who is very naughty I quite often have to say the arhhhhh to her but if its in earshot of the old dog he looks very upset and his ears go down and he thinks im talking to him when im not . He is now on his last legs and i really dont want to upset him but still have to train the young one. Any ideas please  
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I'd take the younger dog to one side and condition him/her with a different "bad noise". You can do this in a few moments without and telling off (use the same technique as used to train for the "disks things".

You will of course have to remember to use the appropriate bad noise for the dog that has been naughty (which id probably the bit I would find hardest)


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the best thing to do is to use the dogs name with the command, you cannot use a universal command expecting the one that is wrong to understand it was him.

use the word " NO" emphatically with the dogs name,preferably before the no, make sure you are in full frontal contact with the dog if possible ,it would be good if you could then get the naughty offender to do something submissive like lay down, immedietly after not for long, it just breaks their behavior a little, just a few seconds will do.

having two dogs of differing ages is hard sometimes, the older usually becomes alpha and tells the other when he is out of line with him, but it will not correct behavior that is unacceptable to us humans.

if you are using the dogs name the you really must get in eye contact with the dog in question, canines read facial expressions, signs,and sounds better than language so try to keep this is mind when correcting your dog.


there are many books available on the market and magazines that give good advice.



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