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Travelling dog?


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We plan to spend 3 weeks in the UK in May and had arranged to leave our dog with some kind freinds in France. They have now said that they can't have her so we will probably have to take her with us. We have taken her accross the channel once before from Boulogne to Dover by Speedferries. Obviouslty the journey was short and we were very impressed with how profesional they were as a company. However, we have booked with LD Lines this time and have no idea how she will fare for that length of time in the car deck. Would appreciate any advice as to whether its too long a time or whether we can get her some 'tranquilizers' etc etc....she's a sligthy neurotic west highland terrier.(but aren't they all!!!)and their owners too!!!


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         I am assuming the only LD route you would be using is Le Havre - Portsmouth. The crossing times are about 6 and 7 hours plus the loading/unloading time which means our dogs are alone in the car for at least an hour longer. Our dogs have travelled back and forth many times over the last five years and only once were we called to visit the car. (He was quite alright, busy eating his dinner and looking happy. The crew member probably didn't understand dogs.)

 I think that the success depends on giving your dog a comfortable space and not getting yourself too worked up. Pretend that its bedtime and follow a typical routine. Our vet stated that it would be better to try without any tranquilisers because their effect could be worse than the journey.

   Good luck!   Alistair

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Bung it about 10mg of diazepam - it's just the generic stuff we humans take: surely you have some around the house? No?

Seriously though: I'm not mad keen on the stuff, it can have a paradoxical effect on humans and so why not dogs?

Go and see your vet, get some advice from him on dosage/suitability, then - if all is okay - try the dog on 'some' in a controled environment and see how the little thing copes.

We were advised to give our dog (pictured left) 40mg: (she's over 40kilos) but I thought that was a bit too much, so I gave her just 10mg.

It was a very rough crossing and when we came down to the car at the end of the trip she looked, er, strange! Don't know if it was the drugs or the sea!

Good luck, try and not worry too much - you'll only pass on your anxiety to the dog. [;-)]

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