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Can anyone advise on the rules and regs for dog-sitting? Having lost our much loved dog sometime ago, we don't feel ready to replace him but do miss having one about the place. We're well situated for anyone travelling from Cherbourg but wouldn't want to open a full-blown kennels because we wouldn't run the risk of continual barking upsetting our nearest neighbours. However, dogsitting does appeal but we would need to be sure that we weren't breaking any laws or regulations.
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We live in the limousin, but are unexpectedly returning to the u.k. We now have need for someone to care for our dog until October - failure to keep up booster jabs - not considering return to England - ever.

Willing to pay, naturally, we have been to see some people locally who are more than willing - but have some reservations.
Carrie is a wonderful friendly collie cross - ten years going on one. Loves walking, playing. Well behaved.

We depart france mid June - becoming somewhat desperate.

Are you at all interested.


Denis Sewell
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