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Moving back to the UK

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Hi all,

A bit if information/advice required by those in the know please.

We have had our house in France since 2006 and have run it as a Chambres D'Hotes for the last 2 summers delaring taxes etc via the AE system and also winter earnings in the UK via the french tax forms required. So think we have been "tax resident in France".

We have just returned to the UK as our parents are in ill health, this will be a permanant move.

What to do next ????

We have the house on the market in France and will use it as a "holiday home" until it sells (who knows when that will be !!!) but will come out of the French tax system, closing the AE etc.

Has anyone got any ideas of the best way to do all this ?

I know this may seem very vague but any thoughts/advice/information will be gratefully received.

Thanks Mel.

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We sold our Chambre d'Hotes and moved back to the UK and it was pretty painless (unless you count battering head on brick wall trying to stop things like Orange and mutuelle as painful!!)

I assume you have closed your AE and deregistered your Ch d'Hotes with Mairie etc. You do need to be realistic about selling price for your property if you want to move on. We had ours on market for nearly 2 years at prices suggested by immobilier. I was fed up, changed immobilier put it on at more sensible price and it sold almost straight away - OK people though we sold it too cheaply but I had a life to get on with! In order that any sale is not held up, you should establish with the notaire that you were tax resident in France and it was your primary residence. Deposit copies of your Avis d'Impositions with him so that he doesn't hold up things unnecessarily by asking for that information after a sale. Write (lettre racommandé) and advise tax office that you have ceased working in France and establish a date from which you become UK resident. You will still need to complete a tax form in 2014 for this year anyway. Ours for 2012 turned up here as it should this year, so they must have actually rea dmy letter!

Setting up life in UK was a piece of cake - did everything from comfort of sofa on the phone. We started up new business and that was easy too.

Been back just over a year now and am SOOO glad not to have to fight some dopey administration or other at every turn. France is a beautiful country and lovely for the holidays!

Good luck with your move.
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Hi Cerise,

Thank you for that information.

It sounds as if we have done all the right things and do understand what yo mean about the house prices in France......particularly at the moment.

Hope alls going well for you and also that we can do the same quickly and "move on" as you say.

Best wishes Mel.
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