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Young tabby cat for adoption...


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I have a young cat (female - been sorted!) about 18 months old that needs a new home.  She's well looked after, always flee'd, wormed etc.  She's a black/brown tabby, very petite.  Friendly, likes attention and very good with kids, not at all spiteful (there have been two young ones dragging her around since she was a kitten, so very well used to that!)

Her brother was recently killed by a couple of rather nasty dogs next door and she's been obviously quite lonely since.  I don't want to get her a replacement companion because of a personal situation, which is also part of the reason I'm looking to re-home her.

If anyone could help, or know someone that can, please let me know.

I'm in Civray (86), half way between Poitiers and Angouleme.

Many thanks,


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