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Trouble with Cat in Nursery


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I have a 12 week old daughter and two cats. My daughter recently began

sleeping all night in her room, whereas before she was in a bassinet in my room. I

put a baby gate up in the doorway to her room to keep the cats out. It

worked well for one cat while the other is constantly jumping over it to

get in her room. I woke up this morning because I heard her mobile

playing. The cat was climbing all over her crib. He had knocked the

mobile sideways almost falling on her head, pulled down the decorative

blanket that had been draped across the headboard of the crib, and

knocked a wooden letter that had been hanging on the wall into the crib. Luckily

it did not actually land on her. I had been tolerating him just going in

there and wandering around but I cannot have him putting the baby at

risk of getting hurt. If I cannot solve this problem in the next day I

am going to have to get rid of him which I would really rather not do. I

do not want to keep her door closed all of the time. Is there a

different kind of gate i could get or something I could attach to the

existing gate? Please help as I am an animal lover but of course put my

childs well-being first.
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Have you thought of getting a cat net which fixes over the top of the cot?  It's only attached by elastic, so very easy to get on and off for access baby.   It's very fine, soft mesh so doesn't block any light, but to a cat it feels very unstable and they should steer clear of it (well it worked for my cats anyway!).

I haven't a clue what they are called in France, but Mothercare sell them - perhaps a rellie could send one over to you pdq? (Don't forget to tell them the dimensions of the cot!)

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Also, the netting being a good idea over the cot, but if that doesn't suit you could actually just get some net curtain material and nail it to the top of the door frame and then tie it to the baby gate  with ribbon thereby leaving the door open so you can hear little one but effectively keeping the cats out without too much complicated fiddling to get into the room.  Eventually I think the cat will get bored and give up - ours go through fads of wanting to be in a particular spot  (usually one I prefer they wouldn't like on a shelf where I keep crystal glasses) and then just move on somewhere else.  They used to say that they like the smell of milk that surrounds a baby and a next door cat used to regularly jump into my baby's pram when he was out in the garden and nest next to the baby - the net over the pram didn't work but our dog soon got the message and used to guard the pram after than!  Quite funny really as after that whenever we went out walking to the shops the dog used to growl and bare her teeth at anyone who came even vaguely near the pram she didn't like or know!

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