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Reward for missing cats


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There is now a reward of 250 euros for the safe return to us of these

cats so please look in your out buildings see if you can see the boys




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Copied from other thread:

Please can anyone help us?
I have 2 cats that where re homed in mayenne in the area of ambrierres de valees to a couple unfortunately they have escaped and cannot be found
Please could people keep a eye open for them
their names are smudge a small black and white cat who with the markings on his legs looks bow legged he has a small black mark on his nose hence his name he is very timid and shy the other cat is tiger he is a striped cat well built at the moment he is friendly and a big boy
Could anyone seeing either of these cats please contact me by PM or e mail.
Thank you to you all

Do they have an identity, microchip or tattoo?  On what date did they disappear?  Do you think they could have been stolen?  How long had they been in their new home?


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