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Seizures in 9 year old dog


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Our dog had 2 seizures out of the blue 2 years ago. She had a short treatment of diazepam and had been fine until a couple of weeks ago.

Again our vet advised a dose of valium for 7 days, the seizures stopped for around a week but in the last 24 hours she has had 5 seizures and they seem to be getting worse. I put her back on valium but today the fits have continued. I spoke to our vet this afternoon and now I have to increase the valium. She's going to see the vet tomorrow for blood tests and probably epilepsy medication.

It's awful watching her have these fits and They, as well as the valium seem to be disorientating for her.

Has anyone had a positive outcome of something like this?
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Yes our border collie has had a few fits in the last few years - since she was about 11. I agree it's very distressing to watch them because they fall over on their side go rigid cry out etc.

We've taken her to the vets about it and she had blood tests, then eventually put on something like phenobarbitone for a couple of weeks. After that she was free for a while, then has had the odd one or 2.

We realised it's when she gets overexcited, so we try to keep her calm - she has an excitable nature. Then one fit during a thunderstorm.

The vet told us that fits in dogs are usually not as serious as in humans, don't cause brain damage, and we've noticed that ours recovers and is quite quickly back to normal.

I think the main thing is to make sure they don't bang their head when they fall over, otherwise don't touch, just reassure when they come round.

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Thanks for that Patf.

The vet took blood this morning and everything is normal so she has been started on Crisax and I am gradually to reduce the valium over the next few days.

She has always so far had a fit when sleeping so she hasn't fortunately banged herself. She had so many fits over the weekend that I think this, coupled with the valium, has really made her out of sorts when she comes out of the fit and it seemed to be taking longer to recover.

Anyway, I hope the Crisax tablets work - otherwise I'll be taking valium myself, as I'm home alone and finding it a bit hard to cope with at the moment.

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I hope the Crisax works, that's what ours had. It tends to increase their appetite, which was good for ours as she eats very little.

If your dog is having the fits in her sleep she's a bit different from ours. What breed of dog is she?

I do hope you have better news next time you post - we love them so much!

ps I forgot to add, our vet said you can also send them for a brain scan, but it was so expensive we decided against it.

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