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I have just found an excellent new guide to disabled facilities in the city of Le Mans.  It lists public buildings/utilities/shopping centres etc etc and gives a good run-down on who can get where and what facilities are available.

"Bien vivre au Mans" is available at the town hall or by e-mailing miso@ville-lemans.fr

I don't know if other communities produce this kind of thing?

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In big towns, you have a French association called AVF ( Association des villes françaises ), whose main objective if to get you to know the ropes locally.

Here you can find if there is one one your town:


NB. There are other associations ( working on a very similar basis, some have separated from the AVF) so best is always to check at the Mairie or the Office du Tourisme, who have a list of local associations and their objectives..

The basic services of the AVF are free - they even go that far in giving you chits for special presents from local shops etc. so that you get to know them.



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