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French qualifications for pro carer?

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I have received a local advert as regards someone -Quote-:Qualified, caring, English nurse offering part- time home help services, to the retired and handicapped, price on application.End quote.

Now, I do know of 2 people that this kind of help would be a blessing to,so could someone tell me will the nurse need to be French approved (with French nursing certificate) if so what is it? Wondering why I have received this - must have looked a bit frayed around the edges last week!
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I'd been interested in this too milkeybar, for someone I know - not a nurse but a qualified and very experienced carer.  I'm guessing it should be very flexible because the sick / elderly can apply for a care allowance that can be paid to someone to come in and provide for their care needs.  It can also be paid to a family member (who is unlikely to have formal qualifications) to provide those same services.

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Assuming the nursing diploma was obtained in an EU country, it is recognised in France.

The nurse should contact the DDASS (Direction Des Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales) in the departement where he/she wishes to practice.

He/she should provide a copy of his/her passport, a copy of your diploma, a

certificate from the authorities who delivered the diploma confirming

that the training conforms to EU standards and a translation for those

papers which are in a foreign language.
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