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Genuine Disabled-friendly hotel, St Jean de Luz

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An old friend of mine has MS and now uses a wheelchair.

Two years ago he visited us (in the Pays Basque) for the summer and we undertook to find him a suitable hotel (couldn't stay with us - no facilities).

After a long search we eventually found the only hotel in the Pays Basque that genuinely caters for disabled visitors. It's the Hotel de la Plage at St Jean de Luz.. http://www.hoteldelaplage.com/

The only thing lacking was a roll-in shower.. He was delighted. For me it was an eye opener. I was absolutely amazed at how few real "disabled-friendly" facilities there are - even though hotels & restaurants have that blue wheelchair sticker outside, it means little unless the disabled visitor can use the toilet.. Once there, he found St Jean de Luz extremely easy to get around.. compact and all on one level with v few problems for him.

Finding sufficient public toilets was problematic - as far as I can see there are only 4 of those cabines de toilettes on the Cote Basque.

(Needless to say I have no connection in any way with the Hotel de la Plage)

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