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Mobility Scooters

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I'm having my - what I hope will be final - meeting with the insurance companies next week, following which they will decide what I'm entitled to after my accident three years ago.  I'm increasingly thinking that a mobility scooter would be a very good idea - especially as I find it so difficult to enjoy race meetings etc as I used to since I can't get to remote bits of the circuits any more.  I therefore think it's not unreasonable to ask for one or at least give it a try.


Do any forum members or their families have one or have ever had one?  I've used them for odd days in the UK where they're available at a lot of venues and in shopping centres etc, but what I don't know is how awkward they are to cope with every day - for instance, how do you get them in and out of the car (even a big one!) etc etc if you're not very mobile and/or strong to start with?


Any first-hand information would be gratefully received.

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I think it could be a super idea .  We are looking into getting one for my husband  ( UK) and were suprised how reasonably priced they are .  The one we are interested in comes apart into 5 pieces - the heaviest being the bit with the battery and suits people over 18 stone    ( My OH is over 6ft 3 and around 19 stone )  but we have chatted with folk who have a hoist in the back ( Picasso -not grand for example )  it fits flat to the side when not in use and lifts the scooter up and in . Other people have metal ramps - but they seemed to have younger fitter OH's . 

A possible downside might be - our neighbour who has a fold down ( but it has 4 wheels though) one ( he comes over to france with a dog as well )  hasnt been able to charge his up for the last couple of days as it looks as if all the dampness and rain has b****ered it up somewhat . Hes only had it for a few months but the only suggestion the manufactureres have come up with is when  he returns to UK next week bring it in for them to have a look at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But the good thing about his one is it can be lifted up steps onto peoples decking and out of the rain .

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They are very useful for getting around, but you may need quite a rugged one! A friend had a mobility scooter; she was very disabled, could only move short distances without it. She had a hoist fitted in her car which she managed totally alone, never accepted offers of help. Her work involved visiting a large number of venues, so she used the hoist quite a number of times each day.

Good luck for your meeting next week!

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