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Mobilty Scooter Hire

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I have resurrected this thread (and sent a pm to David) because I have a partial answer to the question of repair and maintenance

I have found that one of the businesses in my town that hires medical equipment (and also runs taxi-ambulances and funerals as it  happens) will repair and maintain my scooter.

I had been told that they do a yearly maintenance contract, but when I went out to their garage this afternoon they said they did these things 'as and when needed'.

Although of limited interest as it is far away from the rest of you this is their site


There might be something similar in large towns nearer to others.

Another interesting deal which I have taken up is an assurance for the scooter linked to my house insurance.I was automatically insured for third party responsibility by my home cover, but this adds  'all risk' including fire theft, personal injury, and most important an 'assistance 24/24' as you get with car insurance. A sort of AA cover for the scooter in case of breakdown. I even have the green square to stick on my dashboard as one has for the windscreen of a car.

It costs me 10€ a month added to my house insurance, and seems worth it for the peace of mind.

In any case I think one is supposed to have a road insurance if you go on road.

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I got my insurance sorted (began with my house insurers but they didn't cover scooters) and was very suprised when yesterday a little green vignette (just like the one I get for my car) turned up in the post yesterday!   I still can't decide whether I need to display it all the time or not - it strikes me as very easy to nick.  What do motor bike owners do? Do you just assume that nobody would want such a thing as it's unique to your bike and wouldn't mean much in the event of a claim, anyway?

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I was told that the really important thing is to carry the part of the green form that is like an 'attestation' of insurance with your ID when you ride the scooter.

The vignette is just a sign that you are insured for others (such as the Gendarmes) to see. It isn't the actual insurance.

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Well I threatened to post this either on this thread or another!



After [:)]


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