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DLA Mobility and Returning to UK permanently


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In the next few weeks I will be returning to the UK permanently, and posing this query to any DLA claimants who have similarly  returned to the UK recently.

When I came to France nearly 3 years ago I, like everyone else,  lost my Mobility component of DLA due to current elegibility issues for non UK resident claimants. I do however still receive the Care component.

My advice from the DPU Exportability department was to re-apply for the Mobility component on my return. I am presently draughting what I am going to say on my claim form, and am enquiring as to whether I simply fill out the section realting to Mobility only, given the fact that I still receive Care and nothing really has changed on that matter.

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Appreciate that this was written last year, but am interested to know how you got on (if you are still monitoring this site), as I read on another forum that a lady who returned after living in France for 6 years, and had turned 65 years during her time away, was refused her re-application for mobility on the basis that she is now over the age limit. She had her DLA care reinstated so that was not affected apparently. Obviously the DWP considered her application as a completely new one, despite her having been awarded indefinitely previously.

So would also like to know if anyone else has had same treatment by DWP and any differences in their circumstances, particularly those who were already over 65 years old when moved to France but were on DLA as awarded before reaching that age. Has anyone returned to UK and been refused reinstatement of mobility?



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Just spotted this, so my apologies.

In answer to your question, on returning to the UK, I contacted DWP and requested re-instatement of my DLA Mobility. I had to fill out an application form, but only the parts that applied for Mobility.

Two weeks later, I had the DLA Mobility re-instated, and back dated to the day I re-entered the UK.
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