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Collge Romain Rolland - Charroux 86


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>AT 12:43PM (GMT)
>Does anyone know this collge?
>Do you have children that attend
>it? Can you tell me
>anything about it, good or

Hello Sue - remembered your questiion today and asked a friend whose 13 yr old daughter attends this college. She says college is OK - not brilliant, not lousy, but OK - and that was the same as she had been told before her daughter started attending. The daughter seems to be enjoying it and is doing fine there.

There are quite a few English speaking kids there and new ones are given extra French lessons as you would expect, but are taken out of History and Geography to do the extra French apparently.

There was an article about the college last week in one of the papers but friend's daughter, who was interviewed for the article, said it was a PR exercise and painted a picture of the school which she didn't quite recognise!!

Regards and good luck with the property purchase,

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