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Schools in Gers


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We are hoping to move to Gers next year having rennovated a house in Castelnau D'arbieu. Does anyone know what the schools are like near by or if there are other English children in any of them? My daughter will be 11 next year and I thought it might be easier to settle in if there are other English children.

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I'm afraid I cannot help with regard to schools in Gers, but I'm not sure how other people feel but having other English children in the school can be a double edged sword. On the one hand it is definately nice for your daughter to have the comfort of someone to speak to as she settles in, but it could also hold her back from getting on and learning French.

My daughter started last september in a class with 2 English speaking girls, one was bilingual and did really want much to do with speaking English as she had her own group of French friends, the other spoke a little French and she and my daughter became very attached despite the fact that in an English school they would propaly not have been in the same group of friends. Luckily their teachers realised that they were holding each other back and started to seperate them where possible, since then they have both come on with their French much more and have started to make French Friends as well.

I'm sure all children respond differantely and I'm sure other people will have different advice but in my opinion don't necessarily choose a school just because it has English speakers there, after a year or so it will not be an issue and the facilities and teaching ability will be the priority.

Good luck with the move


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