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Some random wonderings about the education system


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[quote user="Tourangelle"] , it will probably never concern you as you are in a poste fixe, but for a TZR like me it means that if they can't find me enough hours in English, then they can either suggest I do something else, or they can send me out of my zone.  I'd get to chose, lucky me.  So no, they couldn't make me teach something I don't know how to teach, but they could send me practically to Switzerland for a couple of hours. 

Falls off chair laughing!

Yes, I'm lucky enough to have postes fixes all the way through my career (apart from when I was MA or stagiaire of course) But don't think having a poste fixe protects you from being sent all over the place. Last year a new school was built in a nearby town. Result; my school lost 200 pupils (another 60 next September) Now there aren't enough hours of English teaching for the 4 English "poste fixe" teachers. As I'm the last arrival, I have to go and make up my hours somewhere else (which has exactly the right number of hours for me) This year it's been a school 25 minutes away. I have to go three times a week for one hour each time. Next year, it will be 9 hours wherever they need me. When you're on complement de service, you don't have a zone. It can be the other end of the academie. You don't have any voeux to fill in or anything, it just pops up on i-prof at some time in the third trimestre.

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Don't want to scare anyone but thought you might be interested in the following, which is one of the items to be covered in Capital at 20h50 on Sunday.

Capital : «My teacher is rich» mais il travaille beaucoup
En Angleterre, les professeurs ont un temps de présence obligatoire de 33 heures par semaine, plus que leurs collègues français. Ils sont également mieux payés, enseignent plusieurs matières et animent des activités extra-scolaires. Faut-il s'inspirer du modèle anglais ? Quels en sont les bons et mauvais côtés ?

Edit: By the way, Capital is on M6.

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