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Music Education in France


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If you are from the UK you will find a rather different system in France.

There is no system of peripatetic instrumental teachers in schools for example, and music education in schools is often very dry and theoretical.

I don't know of school orchestras, for example and very few choirs specifically for young people apart from in some private Catholic schools.

On the other hand most towns will have either an 'école de Musique' or if a bit bigger a Conservatoire. The instrumental teachers work in these.

Really large cities such as Toulouse will have a Conservatoire Nationale

It depends on what you are looking for: a simple 'fun' course in playing the guitar, or a serious study of an instrument or composition

Most towns have a 'chorale' and some even have choirs with a large number of Anglophones.

This site (in French) gives an out line of some of the more specialised options.

IRCAM in Paris is a institution specialising in modern and electronic music (site in English)

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one of my young friends plays in an after school orchestra  (East Mids UK) and they have an exchange with a College (high school/sec/ school) and a Lycee in Rouen. I recently hosted for them as they were short of accom and got involved with the whole week - it was absolutely great. Really excellent and dynamic music teaching there and NOT private. What is your interest? Are you a teacher or do yo have 'musical' children?

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Okay, thank you all for your replies... I'm not from UK and I'm neither a parent nor a teacher, but a student of bel canto singing in Serbia. I was just curious about the schooling in France. Here, we have public music education, so everything is basically for free (except for university - about 30% of students get free education). When it comes to singing - the schooling is organized like this: "Elementary" (prep school) lasts for 2 years, secondary school for four years and univesity for another four years. What is it like in France?

I started this thread in order to obtain more information on schoolarships, possiblities of education in France etc, beacause I'm interested in maybe continuing my schooling abroad, but any kind of information concerning music education in France is welcome.

Thank you!
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There is a Serbian lady who runs some choirs in our town and around.

It is how she makes her living.

I may be able to ask her, but I don't feel able to give you her email as obviously we don't know each other.

The structure of Education  in France is not like the one you describe.

For example secondary education lasts 7 years on average.

Music teaching in schools is free, but a very small part of the 'programme'

Singing or instrumental lessons are given at the "école de musique or conservatoire

They are usually paying.

Here are some sites which might help

They are in French, but you will have to use that in Music in France.





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