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HELP do french nusery schools operate during school holidays like here????


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hi everyone Im a newy to all this.....Im very hestitant as we are moving to France in July. My husband speaks fluent French and has been working in Paris during the week returning at weekends.  So I have been stuck at home with   3yr old and a 10 months baby.  I have agreed to move over there as I know they will get a good education but its all scarring the hell pout of me!!!  I only speak a few words in French.  We have enrolled our 3 yr old in the local school but my problem is that she wont start until Sept we are due to move on the 1st July right when the French start their 2 month holiday!!!

 I will surely go stark raving mad being not only stuck in a country I dont know the language but with two young kids and my 3 yr old if not at school is a REAL HANDFUL!!!  Here she goes to nusery school all the time even when the big schools are on holiday. my 10 moth old also goes twice a week.   Do they have play schools in France where I could send her during the school holidays????  hope someone can help as Im really worried. 

also if there are any Eglish people living in the Ramboullette area I would love to hear from them. We are moving to we are moving to a place west of Paris called Thiory.

ok I await some help.  thanks



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Don't panic!

Yes, they have summer school organised by the 'Pôle Enfance'.  Obviously this may vary region to region.  Ask at your Mairie where the Pôle Enfance is for your area. For example for our school it is doubled up with the neighbouring town.


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MW/Lisa - Welcome to the Forum.

Nursery provision is very good in France - much better than in the UK.

And when they get older, you will find that there are before school and after school clubs, Wednesday clubs (young children do not go to school on Wednesdays), holiday clubs etc.  The Mairie (Town Hall) is your first port of call.

This Forum is really good for helping out stranded mothers (I am one) and so keep signing in with your queries.  You are not alone...

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