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Trying another school


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My son has been at his school for about 5 years (he is 8) and has never really found his place with the other kids. He has asked if he could try the other school in the village as he is very unhappy now going to his school every day and having noone to play with or them being nasty. Does anyone know if it would be possible for him to try a day at the other school? Would it be as simple as me going to ask the head teacher or would there be more to it?


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This must be very upsetting for all concerned, so hard for your son. And he has given it a good try.

I haven't had children at school here, but if it had happened to mine I would make an appt. to see the head of the the other school, and go to see her without your son first to see what they can offer. A trial sounds a good idea.

Does he have any friends out of school?

By the way I think children change schools here more than in the UK.

Just a thought - does he have any learning or health difficulties?

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Hi Tricia,

No health or learning problems. Very annoyingly, one of the kids that is horrid at school spent most of last summer and the one previous at our house! I was trying to see if by having him here it would make things easier at school - seems that wasnt the case and he wont be coming again! My son has plenty of friends outside of school but they dont go to the same school.

I shall go to see the head of the other school sometime this week. I have noticed that a few others have swapped in the village so obviously a common thing.

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I changed my son's school when he was about 9. he'd only been at the local village public school for about 7 months but he hated it! Although he didn't complain much, I luckily had my younger daughter keep me informed about what was happening to him at the school; and I didn't like what I heard. He had lots of friends in the UK but he came here and was bullied and just didn't fit in at all. I looked at a couple of schools and decided on the private school 12 km from our house. It was the best thing we ever did! The kids there were much nicer and he's now moved onto college with a really great group of friends, boys and girls.

I think you can move to a private school easily but they might make you wait until the new term or the next year if it's already close to the end of term. I believe that it's harder to move to different public school, but not impossible.

If you go and talk to the director of another school, try to see what the other kids behave like. I ended up also moving my daughter to this school the following year because I didn't like the way she was behaving at the first school. She made so many improvements that I'll never regret changing her school even though she pleaded with me not to move her. Incidentally; 2 months after her move, she told me how much happier she was and thanked me for moving her!! She still says it was the best thing that happened to her now.

Another reason I preferred the second school was that they only mixed the classes up in the afternoon. At their firts school, the poor teacher had about 2 or 3 different years all in the same class and although I know it does work well in most French schools - for me and my children, it worked better the other way. In their second school, they stayed with their classmates all morning for the key subjects like French and Maths and only changed their groups and mixed with some older or younger children in the afternoon (according to ability) for subjets like Art and History.

I hope this post helps you.

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