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New headlamps - too good to be true.


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Having driven around France since we came to live here nearly three years ago with the usual sticky bits of plastic on my headlamps, the crunch came the other week when my car reached the grand old age of four and was hauled off for its Controle Technique.  As I had expected it failed but having remembered several people here saying that miraculously AGF Insurance had stumped up the cost of replacement headlamps, I wasn't too concerned. 

The sad news is that if they did in the past (which my agent hotly disputed, incidentally) they will not do so now.  Oddly enough, however, my local garage who carried out the search for Hyundai Accent headlights (not too plentiful in France) and subsequently fitted them, seemed to think that my insurance company WOULD probably stand the cost.  However, AGF were adamant that unless there had been some sort of accident then they would not pay for new headlights.

Oh well, I suppose I should be grateful for the fact that I have 'got away with it' for so long.

Yours, in destitution, Susannah.

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[quote]I was one of those who posted that AGF paid for the headlights to be changed over which was great for us, however that was well over 9 years ago so looks like they may have had too many requests and h...[/quote]

I posted on this as well - Ours were paid for by our insurance and that was only last year. Maybe we were just lucky.


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