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New Regulations Fosse Septique 2005


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When we lived in the Cotswolds we were on a skeptic tank as were all our neighbours. Our elderly neighbour and good friend had to go into a residential home and the house was sold. The honey truck came to empty the septic tank and the moto on the back read "It may be sh!t to you, but it's my bread and butter". I wouldn't like to go round to his place for tea and sarnies!

We had to have our skeptic sucked out in our rented house here in the Aude a week ago and the biggest 'cammion de meil' came round. Very clean and all the hoses remote controlled. It even had a pressure hose to unstick the muck. It was done to TRY to clear a blocked drain and just after that we found out that we are not on the skeptic after all. I hope that the empty fosse doesn't pop out of the ground before we move into our new house in 3 or 4 weeks time !!!


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