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I'm going on holiday! - finally getting out of the hurly burly of Paris and heading where most of you lucky folks seem to live, out in the country. We are getting the TGV down but want to hire a car when we arrive. However neither me nor the OH has a carte bleue (british or french) and we are both several months shy of 25 which seems to be the age they start trusting you.

Does anyone with any experience of these things know whether either of the above would be a problem?

We are going to the Pyrenees, if that helps.


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You will find that all the major car rental firms require some sort of card, visa, mastercard etc to provide 'insurance' against any problems - do you have any of these?

If you are under 25 you may have to pay a 'young drivers surcharge' around 15 GBP per day, and will have a capped top price

If you have pleanty of time before you need the car, you *may* be able to pay by cheque - but dont bank on it

Try www.france-car-hire-rental.com they are brokers and I know they will do what they can



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