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Understeer problem


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[quote]what a sickener just bought a brand new v-twin dogs whatist honda hydro ect ... with twin dodas ect and it under steers like a bar steward and 2 days old got a puncture i...[/quote]

What colour is the Honda? Obviously if it's green and called something like "Garden Master" or "Lawn King" it can only be expected to handle like a garden tool and drive like a tractor.

I was expecting much more from my machine, which I only bought because it was painted Ferrari red with yellow go-fast stripes and had the name "Rally" emblazoned on both sides.

Do they have Trade Descriptions legislation in France?

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I have followed the replies with interest and with so many experts I am amazed nobody has offered the most obvious solution.

If I am not much mistaken I would hazard a guess that being French your Rally will have Michelin tyres, and as such is probably suffering because the particular layout in your garden causes high speed problems with the tyres. If this is the case may I suggest you gather together all other Rally owners on Michelin tyres and boycott the race unless of course the governing body adds a chicane before the fast bend near the rose bed!
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        the Honda is Ferrari red so have been band from the next G.P.

new question why do they fit auto head lamps that come on when you put it away........and it says in the hand book " Donot use in low light " 

        Do the French use their lawn tractors for something else ?? if you havent got a licence can you drive it to the local bar and not get done for d/d . Must be missing something here!!!


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