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Fiscal Representatives

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Has anyone had any experience of finding/using a Fiscal Representative, as required when selling a property over a certain value? Are there any agencies dealing with this in France and how expensive is it?

Any help would be gratefully received![:)]

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It may well be discriminatory but it is French law.

You will need one if the sale price is 150,000 (Euros) or over.

You can take off the costs of buying the property and also those of having the varous inspections that enable you to sell it. You can also offset work carried out if you bought a wreck and renovated it providing it was done by a Fench registered builder and you paid TVA. You should check into that and exactly how it works as I am out of my depth a little on that one.

As Wooly said the Notaire will normally 'suggest' one but you are not obliged to use the one he suggests.

The French term for them is représentant fiscal and you can use 'Yellow Pages' to find one in your region. I would suggest you search by region rather than town or department. For example there are only three in Languedoc Roussillon (my region) but if you search by department nothing comes up.

'Yellow Pages' - http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/


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