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Boundary Problems with French (Difficult) Neighbour

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We thought we were the only English with unhelpful neighbours- its good to know we are not alone.....

It has taken us two years to stand firm against threats and for the time being peace reigns on a wire fence we erected as a result of our neighbour continually walking around our back garden and telling us most of the land was his (his land was previously part of our property before we bought the house). Now he has decided it is amusing to use a "sit-on" grass mower and shower the adjoining side of our property with all his lawn mowings, which are extensive. When we arrive back here after a few months away we have a depth of 2-3" to have to clear away. Is there any law which prevents him from doing this - we would love to write to him (we have not spoken for 2 years now) and inform him of our rights !

Also, our house looks out onto the village road and we have 2.5 metres of grass between our house and the road. When it rains puddles form between the grass and the road and when a vehicle comes along our windows, door and building generally get a coating of mud. As we wish to re-crepi the house next year we want to rectify the situation. Can anyone tell us if we can put in drainage and/or replace the grass with a patio type blocks. We have to be very careful with anything we do because of the difficult Frenchman as detailed above. He goes to the Marie with the slightest thing happening in our village. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

Lorna & Tony Hanlon
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Along the wire fence separating you, can you not attach that bamboo stuff you see for sale in the garden centres. That would stop the grass clippings showering your side and its a wonder he doesn't get punctures going up and down that fence, those tyres are very thin 

With your grassy verge problem, can you cut some channels across the verge to let the puddles through to your side?


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